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Qual-Box is a qualitative, healthcare-focused market research firm that takes pride in its creativity. It values research innovation, believing that innovative techniques can uncover innovative solutions. It delivers traditional methods with the mastery that comes with decades of experience, but continues to look for innovative ways to shape those methods and apply them to the complex business context of today.

About Qual-Box

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The best things come in small packages

Small and nimble, Qual-Box is responsive to its clients’ needs. Services are modular, meaning Qual-Box can deliver turn-key qualitative research solutions or intervene at strategic steps of research undertakings.

Behind Qual-Box is Sylvie Croteau, a qualitative researcher with 27 years of experience. Before founding Qual-Box, Sylvie was Vice-President of a Montreal-based research firm. She has worked for a host of clients, including Aliments Ultima (Iögo, Olympic and Yoplait), Bayer, the Business Development Bank of Canada, Bell Canada, Desjardins, the Government of Canada, Johnson and Johnson, L’Oréal, Molson, Natrel, Reata Pharmaceuticals, Roche, Rocky Mountaineer and Ubisoft.

Sylvie is an expert in health research. She has worked on strategic mandates in the fields of cardiology, nephrology, neurology, oncology and psychiatry.

Customised, modular services

She brings a unique blend of expertise to diabetes-related research:

  • As a researcher, having conducted multiple studies with physicians, nurses, pharmacists as well as patients and families.
  • As Mum to a teenage boy living with T1D.

She is passionate about her work alongside people living with disabilities, most notably in the area of telecommunication use.

She loves UX studies and working alongside designers to integrate users’ perspective into software and device development.

She knows from experience that online bulletin boards are a fantastic way to obtain in-depth, thoughtful input and that mobile ethnography offers a uniquely informative window into daily experiences.


  • Face to Face Focus

    Focus groups bring together current or potential clients, citizens, patients or key stakeholders. Group interactions mimic to some extent the social environment, providing a more true-to-life context for the study of public policies or products and services consumed in the public sphere.

  • In-Depth

    In depth interviews can be conducted face-to-face, on-site, in-home, over the phone or online, via webcam. They are particularly useful to gather expert opinions, test comprehension or to hear stories specific to each individual, family or business.

  • Bulletin-Board Focus

    A Bulletin Board Focus Group is an online discussion held over several days. The moderator posts questions and participants interact with text, photos or videos. BBFGs are particularly useful to explore topics in-depth, to gather insights from geographically dispersed participants, to discuss sensitive topics and to follow processes step-by-step, as they are occurring.

  • Ethnography-Inspired

    Ethnography-inspired methods are based on the premise that behaviour observation provides more detailed, more realistic information and ultimately deeper insights than subjects self-reporting after the fact. Researchers either observe participants in their natural environment or ask them to document their daily experiences.

  • Social Media

    Social media analysis provides a snapshot of how certain topics, products, services or brands are discussed online. By conducting rigorous and data-driven observation rather than driving discussion, researchers are able to observe spontaneously emerging themes.


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