Face to Face Focus Groups

Advertising Pre-Testing

An advertising firm has proposed advertising ideas to promote Canada’s new parental benefits program. Citizens provide their opinion on storyboards to help choose and refine the storyline that will go into production.

Advertising Post-Testing

An airline company is expanding its international coverage. Participants are presented with current ads to assess how they resonate in the new markets.

Brand Positioning

Yogurt consumers describe their perceptions of the yogurt brands on the market. This allows the company to gauge the direction and the extent to which they can “stretch” their brand image to conquer new markets.

Concept Evaluation

A food manufacturer is considering the launch of a new pistachio and cheese spread. Consumers react before and after tasting. Results provide guidance for the company’s launch decision and marketing strategy.

Packaging Evaluation

A long-standing milk brand is considering a packaging revamp. To guide the process, consumers are presented with packaging ideas ranging from a modest to a drastic departure from the traditional appearance.

Satisfaction Assessment

Consumers who’ve had their telephone line repaired are asked about their experience and the impact of each element of service delivery on their overall satisfaction. This results in a revision of service guidelines for customer representatives and technical staff.